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I am a fan of Naruto, Harry Potter, Yaoi, Digimon, Gravitation, Junjou Romantica, Black Butler, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and much much more anime. I love reading slash fiction, and I am a HUGE SNARRY SHIPSTER! I write Snarry in my freetime :) Ask me questions!


It’s 2 am, my first day at college is tomorrow and I refuse to accept adulthood.

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I’m literally my own best friend like I have inside jokes with myself and sometimes I’ll think something funny and start laughing out loud at how funny I am

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Just a Harry-Potter-Thought


Do you think Muggleborn metemorphmagi who were bullied would just on occasion change their appearance to the hulk and start kicking ass


Those of you who have published fanfiction on FF.Net, this is for you! A new hosting website named “FictionHunt” is going around and archiving Harry Potter fanfiction from ff.net. It sounds innocent enough, except that there are a few illegal problems with their site- they don’t ask the author’s permission to archive their works and to republicate them without permission is PLAGIARISM AND STEALING. It does link to the original ff.net story, but they also have an ILLEGALLY OBTAINED VERSION OF YOUR STORY ARCHIVED ON THEIR WEBSITE.

Why the big deal? Say your works would be deleted off ff.net, by either the server or by yourself personally. If you didn’t want your story to still be available, this website now has a copy that you don’t know about. They could reproduce it, change the name, they could do whatever they want with it and it’s be okay because you don’t know they have it.

I am outraged because I found one of my very own fanfiction stories archived and I never would have known if it wasn’t for me coming across someone else who had found out.

Now, what to do—
If you find a story of yours archived on this site, you can send them an email request for take down. You MUST include your name, pen name, and link to the story.

Please, if you know anyone who writes/ publishes stories on ff.net, share this. It’s illegal and it needs to be stopped.

((Link to the site Here ))

Anonymous asked: Why the hell would you ship them?











Well, anon, assuming by “them”, you mean Severus and Harry, it started four years ago on a late night in my dorm room. I had just gotten into Black Butler and ended up writing my first ever fanfiction for Ciel and Sebastian. After writing that, I had a craving for more slash. Didn’t matter who or what fandom, I needed more slash in my life. I was already an avid Naruto and Sasuke fangirl, but I needed more. So what did I do? I google searched “Harry Potter fanfiction” and I came across a writer by the name of Arsenic Jade. She had an entire archive dedicated to her Potter fiction, which included pairs like Severus Snape and Hermione Granger, and Lucius Malfoy and Harry Potter, and (naturally) Severus and Harry. It was a story by the name of “Compromising Positions” that sealed my fate. After being in the Snarry fandom for so long, jade’s works are mediocre compared to Legends like Cybele and RaeWhit, but I hadn’t known any better back then. I thought it was gold, it was amazing.

I was super depressed with my life, my mother didn’t accept me being a lesbian and didn’t like my girlfriend, putting it nicely. I was failing college and skipping class altogether. I was harming myself by over eating and other issues I had at the time. I barely recognized myself because of the self esteem issues and love/hate relationship with my mother, who was supposed to be my support while I was away from home for the first time, and I felt truly alone.

At 5 in the morning one day, after crying my eyes out from the stress I had been feeling, I stumbled on a story called “The Boy Who Lived A Bit” written by Barbarella (( http://www.walkingtheplank.org/archive/viewstory.php?sid=719&warning=4 )) and I read that story so many times that I know it by heart, to this day. I laughed, I cried, I was able to escape.

Then, I read Cybele’s “If You Are Prepared”(( http://www.walkingtheplank.org/archive/viewseries.php?seriesid=29 )) and I crumbled. My girlfriend didn’t understand why I called her sobbing so hard. I couldn’t control myself, it was written so beautifully and captivating that I just shattered.

I ended up dropping out of college to live with my girlfriend, which my mom didn’t like and decided to drop a bomb on her family. I ended up getting kicked out and decided to stay with my father. When times got rough, I turned to my favorite author, RaeWhit, to keep me distracted with wonderful stories. Mixes of angst were my favorite. “Filtered Past Boredom” (( http://archiveofourown.org/works/92158/chapters/125682 )) and “Second Best” (( http://archiveofourown.org/works/42455?view_adult=true )) are just a few of my favorites from RaeWhit, and I am forever grateful to her and I honestly feel that if it weren’t for her stories, I would have gone insane back then.

Which brings me to where I am today, a 23 year old Snarry fangirl who has published a few Snarries of my own (( my favorite- http://archiveofourown.org/works/936969 )). I will continue to ship them probably well into old age and death.

So, anon, what I have done is provided you with several examples of the dynamic of a relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. I know for certain you inboxed me with malintent, but the bottom line is this: it doesn’t matter why I ship them, I just do. Just like people ship Drarry, Snamione, and other ships— someone has written fanfiction that was amazing enough that other people read it and say, “hot damn, what a show.” And it works.

What you have to realize is that, in fanfiction, nothing else exists. Not the fandom with the negativity, not judgemental people who think it’s gross, wrong, or pedophillic. Fanfiction is fiction, and people go looking for fanfiction for all kinds of reasons. Just like people write fanfiction for all kinds of reasons. What you can do is read a few I’ve decided to share with you and see for yourself what you think about the dynamic, and stop falling in with popular opinion and judging it without trying it. Because if you hate something without trying it, how do you know you really hate it? Do you just look at a person in real life and hate them by looks alone? Or are you wise enough to peel a layer back and get to know them and then make a judgement on their character?

If you hate someone or something based on looks or hearsay, that would make you very ugly on the inside, and I don’t like ugly people.

Thank you for your time,
-Tsu ^_^

I don’t read pedophilia ew

If that’s all you can say after reading this, then you missed the point. It’s not pedophilia if Harry is an adult, which you’d know if you bothered to read a few.

It doesn’t matter if he’s an adult. Snape was a supervising figure over Harry as a child that is pedophilia-like and simply inappropriate as well as abusive and problematic. Abusive and problematic also because of how Snape treated Harry. I would never subject myself to such disgusting reading material I have better things to do with my time. I do find it mind-boggling that people love talking about how abusive things like Twilight are yet ship things like snarry, snamione, dramione, Snily, etc.

Of course it matters if he’s an adult. It is only paedophilia if someone is under-aged. Moreover, according to Wikipedia “As a medical diagnosis, specific criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13”. At any rate, if both are above the age of consent, it is most definitely not paedophilia, and it’s also legal. 

As for problematic. That depends, each writers chooses to tell a different story. “Snape / Harry” is not intrinsically problematic and while Snape might have legally been a “supervising” figure, he was in no way a parental figure, so when meeting again as adults, things really could go either way. Every writer will write the story a different way and some choose to deal with the problematic or abusive aspects of a relationship, which are valid literature, as long as you are aware that’s what you’re writing / analysing, and some will write a more balanced, healthy relationship, which canon also allows for. You are of course entitled not to like it, or not be interested, but there is no need to put others down.

If you have better things to do why bother criticising other people’s choices. You don’t even know whether it’s disgusting or not because you haven’t bothered to read. So abstain from judgement. 

No there is definitely a need to put it down. As a double major in CJ and psych I really don’t need you to tell me the ages for pedophilia. Snape was an authoritative figure over Harry when Harry was only 11 creating a creepy pedophilia-like quality to the relationship. It’s disgusting. And very abusive and problematic regardless of how it’s written. No, the canon does not give room for a healthy relationship. It doesn’t give room for any relationship if you think it does you are delusional. I will definitely give shit to people who glorify abusive relationships get over it.

If you have so many majors, put them to use. It’s only paedophilia (or paedophilia-like, whatever that means) if Snape is attracted to Harry when he is under the age of 13 (and I’d even agree it’s paedophilia-like until he’s at least overage). Any other scenario has nothing to do with paedophilia. Age difference is not the same as paedophilia, even if you met them as children. 

Shipping Snape and Harry has nothing to do with glorifying abusive relationships and I’m not delusional but thank you for your professional diagnosis. I’m not saying there aren’t crap writers in the fandom, or people who misunderstand it, or even, possibly, some who romanticise problematic things (which I will personally not read). But all this is not intrinsic to the pairing; there are a number of time travel fics where they are even the same age. And we could discuss it case to case if you bothered to read any.  As it is, you’re just basically insulting people based on assumptions and your personal interpretations of canon (let me guess: you love Snape). Well, hurray for you, I guess, what a mature thing to do. 

I’m not sure why you are too dumb to read yet you’re on here. I didn’t say it was pedophilia I said it was pedophilia-like because Snape was an authoritative figure over Harry as a child. Also very creepy and disgusting. And my personal interpretation? Are you fucking kidding me? Wow you are delusional. You actually think there is any indication in the books of them being together?! I can’t stand people like you. Not only do you obsess over gross things, you are actually delusional enough about it to pretend it actually happens in the book. And no matter how fan fiction is written, the fact of the matter is that Snape bullied Harry and them being a relationship is extremely problematic. Fan fiction is crap. Based on the BOOKS their relationship is very problematic

Oh goodie, you can swear, that means you must be right. 

Let me quote you: 

I don’t read pedophilia ew”

Now let me quote myself:  

"It’s only paedophilia (or paedophilia-like, whatever that means) if Snape is attracted to Harry when he is under the age of 13"

Not only did you say paedophilia the first time around, I also included “or paedophilia-like” in my reply. Read it a few times and let it sink in. I’ll take “creepy” and “disgusting” because those are subjective terms and you’re entitled to ignorantly judge stuff you haven’t even read if you’re so inclined, but it still continues to have nothing to do with paedophilia if they are both adults. 

Also, do not pretend to know what kind of people I am or what I obsess about. You have no idea who I am, except for this brief exchange in which the only thing you seem to be able to do is call names and jump to conclusions without even giving my posts a decent read. 

I did not say the books hint at any kind of romantic relationship between Harry and Snape. I simply said your interpretation of the character of Snape may be different to that of other people in the fandom. 

As for “Fan fiction” being crap… I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m sorry that you haven’t discovered the joys of fanfiction, its power, the way it inspires people… or in some cases, like the OP, the way it gets them through a rough patch. But who cares about the OP and her story, right? Because ew. 

I sincerely hope your CJ + psych majors don’t mean you’ll end up working with people because man… 

^^ this is what I have to deal with. This right here. A+++ reason why I published an answer to this question. #1 reason why I hate this fandom.

How in the hell are we “delusional” for reading fanfiction? Lmao. Do you say that to people who ship Drarry? Or Dramione? Or Nuna (Neville and Luna btw)? Do you even read fanfiction? Jesus Christ.




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im glad god made you.


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Wrecking Ball Kitten Edition
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